Monday, February 12, 2018

Kaylee's Story

I am a First Grade teacher at Banting Elementary and I have been teaching for seven years. When I first began teaching at Banting our technology resources were that of a classroom set of 5 computers for the students to use. Nowadays, my students have been blessed by a personalized device and these devices have transformed the teaching and learning that is happening in our classrooms. It has increased the level of engagement in the classroom as well. 

Most of my technology experience in the classroom I've had to self-teach myself. Some lessons have benefited greatly through the use of a device and it's resources while others lessons have flopped. But like all teaching, you need to change and modify your practice and try, try again! 

I am thankful for the technology in our school district. It provides students and teachers with a different learning experience. It gives us an opportunity to learn new things that we normally wouldn't have access to. As teaching is ever evolving and getting better so are the resources we have with our technology tools and the learning experiences we can set up for our students.