Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sometimes you just need them to step away from the ipad

The answer was in their data

As we embarked in our second unit, we discussed how to incorporate the use of technology into science. We realized, as we had the first printouts of tables, that data and technology go hand in hand. This increased their learning and engagement.

We merged their data into the Numbers Application. Here students were able to see the data come to life. As they entered the numbers the dots appeared in the graph. If this was not great news already, they were able to predict future data points and analyze their results to a deeper level.

Sometimes it is best to go back to a quick poster

As we discussed what how our students would present all of there findings, we had a hard time using another application on their ipads. We wanted the focus to maintain with their Numbers work, yet wanted them to tie in all of the pieces. They had been in addition posting research notes in a different page in Numbers. 

This is were sometimes you have to step back and admit that creating a paper copy is what makes most sense. They were engaged in putting their presentations together and were able to provide great feedback to other students. We really were able to see the use of technology and paper. 

As we reflected, we realized that there was still one area to address as the year progresses. The area of design. Surprisingly, we realized this during the creation of the posters. We believe this was primarily because the templates we provide students with are already designed. Now that we have introduced many programs and apps, it is time to begin to discuss lessons about: font color, font size, headings, font style, contrast, etc.

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