Monday, January 16, 2017

Pushback and Evolution

I really care what my students think about their learning because I want them to be engaged and have fun with their lessons.  We have worked really hard at understanding how to use technology properly, and our first leap into a blended classroom was with flipped lessons.  Immediately, I loved it.  Although there was a great deal of planning on the front end, it freed me up to meet with small groups and to ensure that I was there for students who required extra assistance.  After a few weeks though, I realized that my students did not like the format nearly as much as I did, and they actually were pushing back.  Having taught elementary school prior to middle school, this was a big change for me.

From the students' feedback, I could tell there were some definite positives, and from formative assessments I could tell that there was definitely a transfer of knowledge.  I needed, however, to consider other blended formats which led me to the station model.  What a difference!  Not only am I seeing successful engagement, but I am also able to meet with small groups and target any skills the students need.  Students are helping one another be successful and we are working at having roles and responsibilities in our groups!  I am excited to continue to talk about this journey...

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