Friday, February 10, 2017

Differentiation & Bb9

This week at our Vertical PLC the focus was sentence stems and frames for students that need a little extra support responding to Language Workshop prompts.

Screenshot of the Groups feature in Blackboard
I immediately thought of the group function on Blackboard since our students already have Digital Thoughtful Logs. Setting up the groups in Blackboard was quick and easy!

After the item has been created, the adaptive release feature in Blackboard allows the assignment to only be visible to the selected group.  After a few trial and errors, we figured out how to assign the sentence frames to only the selected group.  The final step in the setup in Blackboard groups was moving the group from the left box to the right box, and that took us a few tries to figure out.
Thanks to my teaching partner, Ryan, for figuring out this final step.

 I love that this feature allows students to get extra support without the entire class knowing that they are getting something different.  In 5th grade, the last thing they want is to stand out for needing support!

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