Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Recording in GarageBand

If you weren't lucky enough to attend Brian Yearling's session during our August PD, you may not be aware but...

is an app that EVERYONE can use!

GarageBand could help you....
  • Add a song or a soundtrack to Book Creator projects
  • Perform written text
  • Read and record non-fiction texts for others to listen to
  • Create a listening library for students
  • Create a soundtrack for a live presentation or an iMovie
  • Add an audio portion to a “museum” walk
  • Create book reviews/podcasts

Jennifer Guckenberger and I are currently working to combine our expertise to help fourth grade students create their own podcasts. So far, we have started small. In my music classroom, students learned how to record themselves singing a song we had already been working on. Students will be able to use this skill to record themselves speaking in Jennifer's room. 

Once students have mastered this beginning step, students can add other musical sounds (sound effects, pre-recorded loops and music made with the instruments available in GarageBand) which will help them to complete a full podcast that sounds like a radio show, or maybe even better! 

This, like all great ideas, is a work in progress.....

If you are interested in trying some recording along with us, I created this quick guide to help students get started.

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