Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kindergarten is Tech Savvy!

Deb Zuercher has become a model technology teacher in the past two weeks, and is taking technology on with gusto! She has become a risk taker in a matter of those two weeks.

She is a dual language kindergarten teacher who is determined to flip some of her lessons for her students in her classroom.  She started the journey by entering all of her students into Google Classroom and then pushing out a video for them to work on their letter sounds with independence by means of singing along to the song the class performed on video.  Her student who was practicing while I was observing was engaged while listening to the song.  He sang along, used hand motions, was animated, and very proud of his independence upon finishing the lesson.

As time progresses, it would be interesting to do a bit of a case study to see how students who use this process progress versus students who do not.  Her next goal is to find some videos on hibernation to use on EdPuzzle to enrich her unit in Science.

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