Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thinking around BB9

I have been excited about working through how to optimize BB9 and thinking of ways to engage students in taking more ownership of their learning.  I have been taking small steps, but I feel that, as I continue, I am going to build a strong course that can be used (with tweaks) every year.

One major piece I implemented this week is building flipped modules that students complete at their own pace.  I have considered different formative checks to help analyze student learning.  One huge piece of learning for me was discovering with Brian Yearling's help that assessments could be inputted directly into BB9.  This could easily replace a Google Form and provides a "one-stop-shop" for students and teachers alike.

Achievements in Blackboard 9 is
a tool that educators can use to offer digital
badges for the completion of tasks, review
of content, or scoring well on a quiz.
Another big piece I am wrapping my head around is creating games/competitions using badges.  I mentioned this to my students and they are very excited about this potential.  All in all, the unit has been successful.  We have worked through some technological learning curves, but students are feeling more comfortable and seem to be enjoying their journeys.

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