Sunday, March 19, 2017

Closer to the Flipped Classroom with Blackboard!

The Journey Began with BB9

Before I began this journey, I would be the first to say that BB9 stood for the Baffling Blackhole 9. By this I mean, you go in and never seem to find the exit. We began this venture last year, but began small. 

First, we decided what unit would lend itself for independent student navigation. The answer is most units would, but there are a few we can all agree are easier. Then, we mapped it out by simply adding our headings and subheadings in BB9. 
This is an example of our course structure in Blackboard.

Finally, we added content to each subheading. 
We added many types of content, from
 text to videos to links in Google Drive.
The fun part came this year when we learned about adaptive release. This component of BB9 allows us to release content slowly. Students must unlock content by viewing and checking off things they have done in Blackboard on their iPad. This make our lessons differentiated and truly more flipped.

Groups of students were now working at their own pace. They were able to re-watch videos when needed and we were available to work with those struggling. 

Publishing Their Work on the Green Screen

This particular unit we decided to publish using the App Veescope on a green screen. Students were excited and motivated by this to complete their projects. They were to create a commercial that persuaded other peers from different groups to migrate to their country. These videos were shared with students from another school last year, and last year's student videos served as exemplars this year.

Helpful Hints:
  1. Have all apps on iPad ready for when students are ready:
                                   (Youtube Capture)                                    (Veescope)
  2. Practice in front of the green screen
  3. Use microphone and ipad stand if possible

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