Monday, March 20, 2017

Thankful for my colleagues!

At Waukesha One, a dear friend and kindergarten colleague introduced the SeeSaw app to me and my grade level partner.  It was the best take away from that day, and it happened by chance.  

We did not attend a scheduled session for this app, rather, we met in the cafeteria during the last session to share how we've been utilizing technology.  It was blessing to have that opportunity.  She shared how to create an account and add students.  She explained how she uses the app and showed us her students' work samples.  And we requested that the app be added to Self Service (the app that delivers apps to students and teachers on district owned iPads) so we could begin playing with it.  

I have found SeeSaw to be a very user friendly app.  This app was created by a kindergarten teacher for her students, so I can easily adapt her ideas to use for my class.  In addition, I'm addicted to her "Pd in your pjs." Her ideas are endless, especially for flipping lessons.   However, I just need more time to play.   

It is similar to Google Classroom, but for me, I like the format of SeeSaw.  It was easy for my students to log on and use. They are able to send me completed assignments which I can add comments and send feedback without actually collecting the physical paper.  The voice option is an added bonus for students learning a second language in my dual language kinder class.  I also have the option to share their work with their parents or use the app as a means to create portfolios with their "Wow" work. 

Any grade level would be able to utilize this app, it's not meant for just elementary students.  My goal is to become more knowledgeable and comfortable with this app and all the things my students and I can do with it, so I am able to try student led conferences next year.  That's a real leap for me.  I've never done student led conferences before because I thought it was too much work and too difficult for kinder students.  However, SeeSaw makes it so easy for students to assume responsibility for their learning and share their progress.  I am so excited!!  

My plan to achieve this goal is during summer vacation. I'll modify "Pd in your pjs" to "Pd by the poolside" in the privacy of my backyard paradise!

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