Monday, April 3, 2017

We all have a story to tell

Recently, I have begun working along side my first Model Technology teacher. Like many of us, she forgets that she has a story to tell. Often we hear, "I am not dong anything special, I am sure there are others doing the same thing," when it comes to technology. Regardless, people will listen to your story. People will learn from something you share. People will set course on their own journey having heard what you have to say.

Being a Model Tech classroom does not mean that you are the high flyer techno wizard. It means that you are willing to take risks, try things with the risk of failure, be willing to assess where you are and grow from there...and most important: Share your journey. I am excited to work with this teacher to provide quality instruction with embedded technology. I am excited to hear her tell her story of growth. I am excited for her students to be our guinea pigs! Please help me welcome Deanna Day to the Model Tech Family. Watch for journey, coming soon!

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